That Reading Thing Course & Materials – Spring/Summer Offer*


Please read before buying.

*The current price includes a £10 discount applied until 31 August 2020. The price will go back to £160 on September 1st. This applies to orders for 1 – 9 people. Orders of 10 or more will still cost the usual discounted rate of £145 per person.

This complete set of materials for a single user includes your training manual, professionally encapsulated boards, a FairTrade canvas bag and all the bits and pieces required for your lessons, right down to the pencil sharpener. If you want to train more than one person, choose Pay by Invoice & we’ll send you a registration form.

Shipping prices for orders from outside the UK include an £7 foreign currency charge.

Please note that by accessing the training, you wave your statutory right to return the product within 14 days. Please see our Terms and Conditions before you proceed. Completing the sale indicates you have agreed to our terms and conditions.