How do we train several staff members?

Please get in touch to request a brochure and a registration form. You can now have a combination on-site/online training which includes one full day of TRT training at your chosen location for an introduction to the method and the … Read More

Are discounts available?

That Reading Thing is already heavily discounted. By putting the training online, it now costs half of what it did a few years ago. There are no extra materials or licences to purchase, so it is affordable even if you … Read More

Can I buy materials on their own?

No, sorry. The training and materials form one package. If you have lost your materials, please see the replacements section on TRT-Two.

How much does the online training cost?

The price for an individual is £160.00 plus p&p This information might change without notice so please request a training options brochure for the current price. The price includes your materials and non-expiring membership at our tutor support site.