How do we train several staff members?

Please get in touch to request a brochure and a registration form and order TRT for as many staff as you wish. When thinking about how many to train, consider who has the capacity to work one-to-one and who will … Read More

Are discounts available?

That Reading Thing is already heavily discounted. By putting the training online, it now costs considerable less than it did 10 years ago. There are no extra materials or licences to purchase, so it is affordable even if you have … Read More

Can I buy materials on their own?

No, sorry. The training and materials form one package.If you have lost your materials, please see the replacements section on TRT-Two.

How much does the online training cost?

The price for an individual is £160.00 plus p&p This information might change without notice so please request a training options brochure for the current price. The price includes your materials and non-expiring membership at our tutor support site.